Code of Conduct

The Prince Edward Island Golf Association takes great pride in the caliber of play and player conduct displayed at all of PEIGA sanctioned events and partnerships. In order to maintain that fun and professional atmosphere and to show respect for the involvement of our host clubs, facilities, staff and their volunteers, we ask that you observe the following Code of Conduct.

The PEIGA expects all contestants, caddies, gallery, and guests to exhibit proper conduct and behavior on the golf course and anywhere on the property during a PEIGA sanctioned event or partnership. Unbecoming conduct or behavior may be grounds for immediate disqualification, at any time, from any PEIGA sanctioned event or partnership. The following are some examples of unbecoming conduct or behavior:

Violations of Code of Conduct on the Golf Course/Facility

Violations of Code of Conduct off the Golf Course/Facility

Code of Conduct Penalties

The PEIGA Tournament Committee, or if not at a tournament, PEIGA Discipline Committee, may assess any or all of the preceding penalties based on the severity and frequency of the violations(s). In the event of a suspension, the participant will be required to submit a written account of the Code of Conduct violation to the PEIGA Discipline Committee within 30 days of the suspension. The Committee will determine the length of the suspension after reviewing all submitted materials, including a PEIGA staff account of the violation. Any participant who is under suspension will not be eligible for post-season honors.