2022 Canada Games Training Team

The 2022 Canada Games Training Team will compete in 5 qualifying events for an opportunity to represent Prince Edward Island at the 2022 Niagara Canada Summer Games. The training program which includes fitness training is supported by The 2009 Canada Games Legacy Fund and The Department of Health and Wellness.

2022 Canada Games Qualifying Policy

2021 NextGen Series Atlantic (3000pts)2021 Junior Tour Ch’ship (2000pts)2022 Andersons Creek Open (2000pts)2022 Junior Tour Event (1000pts)2022 Cooke Insurance PEI Amateur (3000 pts)

The PEI Golf Association uses the Golf Canada Order of Merit distribution grid to allocate points based on field size.  Players earn points based on where they finish in the event.  Please contact peiga@peiga.ca with any questions.