Junior Skills Challenge

The Junior Skills Challenge focuses on developing the key golf skills of putting, chipping and driving. The online leaderboard allows the organizers to upload players’ scores so they can track their improvement. Using the data, players are ranked nationally by age group and by scores on the National Leaderboard.

The 2021 Provincial Event is scheduled for 9am, Tuesday July 27 at Andersons Creek Golf Course.

Top competitors nationally are invited to compete in the Junior Skills Challenge National Event on August 28 & 29 at TPC Toronto at Osprey Valley.

The top ranked players will be determined in each of the identified age classifications below:

*the age classifications are based upon the participants’ age as of August 30th, 2021

**All ties are calculated using an automatic formula built into the National Leaderboard. Ranking is determined by total score, then eliminating driving and then chipping. 

Deadline to register is 4pm July 23rd

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If you have any questions please contact peiga@peiga.ca