Parent & Spectator Code of Conduct

The Prince Edward Island Golf Association takes great pride in the caliber of play, player conduct and parental dedication displayed at all of our sanctioned events. In order to maintain the fun and professional atmosphere that the Prince Edward Island Golf Association Championships have become known for, and to show respect for the involvement of our host clubs, facilities, staff and their volunteers, we ask that you observe the following Code of Conduct throughout the entire event.

Prince Edward Island Golf Association Expectations from Parents and Spectators:

When on the golf course

Regarding the Rules of Golf

Allow PEIGA Rules Officials to administer rulings. You will be brought into a situation ONLY if the Rules Official asks you.

Encourage your player to familiarize them self with the rules of golf and the supplementary local rules specific to the championship so that they are aware of the options available to them.

Respecting the host club, facility and golf etiquette

Familiarize yourself and adhere to the host facility’s dress code. Some facilities may not allow blue jeans, T-shirts, etc.

If you are going to wear golf shoes as you walk the course, make sure they do not have metal or traditionally designed spikes. After the event Encourage your player to write thank-you notes to those persons who contributed to the success of the respective event.

We welcome any and all letters of suggestion to the PEIGA that will ultimately help us in making these events even more special for all involved. Feel free to include comments you may have about the Prince Edward Island Golf Association Championships with regards to the development of junior golf in Canada.

This information was compiled not because of recurring problems, but rather in order to have a reference for parents and spectators for frequently asked questions. The Prince Edward Island Golf Association and our host facilities thank you for your cooperation.

Misconduct in other jurisdictions and non-PEIGA events

Should the PEIGA be informed or become aware of misconduct by a parent or spectator in non-PEIGA sanctioned events either In Prince Edward Island or other jurisdictions, the PEIGA reserves the right to impose its own discipline or sanctions against the parent or spectator, including, but not limited to, denial of entry into PEIGA sanctioned events.