Junior Code of Conduct

The Prince Edward Island Golf Association (PEIGA), in conjunction with Golf Canada, takes great pride in the quality of its competitors, host facilities, sponsors and community support associated with all its junior events. To maintain and further enhance the quality of its events, the PEIGA requires all competitors to comply with the code of conduct in all PEIGA sanctioned events. The junior code of conduct is:

A junior competitor will behave in a manner becoming of a PEIGA member at all times by:

Code of conduct violations Include, but are not limited to:

The penalty for a code of conduct violation may be immediate disqualification or dismissal from an event. For an on-course violation, the PEIGA may opt to issue a warning for a 1st offence. Where circumstances warrant, the PEIGA team captain, official or supervisor may send a competitor home in which case the competitor and his/her parent(s) or guardian(s) will be responsible for all costs incurred.

Dress Code
Players must adhere to the dress code as set out in the PEIGA Standard Dress Code.

See Section 1 of “The Rules of Golf.”
A serious breach of etiquette may result in disqualification of the competitor under Rule 33.7. Repeated infractions may be dealt with by the PEIGA disciplinary committee.

Rule 8 prohibits a competitor from receiving advice, except under specified circumstances. Competitors are advised to ask parents, spectators and companions to follow at a distance (recommended minimum of 25 yards) so there can be no question that communication can be construed to be advice.
A competitor is subject to a 2-stroke penalty for each infraction or disqualification in extreme circumstances.

The tournament committee will impose penalties for Code of Conduct violations. All violations or infractions will be recorded, referred to the disciplinary committee for further investigation, and kept on file as part of a competitor’s permanent record. Where deemed necessary a written letter of warning will be sent to the competitor, with a copy to his/her parent(s) or guardian(s). The Disciplinary Committee may impose additional penalties or sanctions. In the event that the Disciplinary Committee decides that a suspension is warranted, the competitor and his/her parents or guardian and the PEIGA Executive Committee will be advised of the suspension in writing. A competitor may appeal a disciplinary committee decision to the PEIGA Executive Committee. The competitor and his/her parents or guardian will be notified of the date when the appeal will be heard. The PEIGA Executive Committee will review all submitted materials and presentations then issue a written decision within 30 days of such a hearing. The decision of the PEIGA Executive Committee is final.

Competitors are responsible for their own decisions and are encouraged to consult with PEIGA or RCGA representatives or event organizers before undertaking any action or activity that may be considered a violation of the code of conduct.

Misconduct in other jurisdictions and non-PEIGA events
Should the PEIGA be informed or become aware of misconduct by a competitor in non-PEIGA sanctioned events either in Prince Edward Island or other jurisdictions, the PEIGA reserves the right to impose it own additional penalties, discipline or sanctions against the competitor, Including, but not limited to, non-selection or removal from teams and denial of entry into PEIGA sanctioned events.