Dress Code Policy

Acceptable attire includes full length golf slacks, plus fours, tailored rugby pants, tailored golf shorts and golf shirts. Hats must be worn properly and shirts must be tucked in. A dress code established by a host club, facility or tournament committee, if more restrictive, will apply.

Competitors must adhere to the dress code during or after practice, qualifying or tournament rounds, and event meetings, award ceremonies, and other event related activities.

Violations of the Dress Code include, but are not limited to:
Cutoffs, jeans, sweat pants, warm up pants, non-golf shirts such as sport uniforms, t-shirts & muscle shirts.

Commercial logos, except logos of golf equipment companies or golf clubs and commercial logos as being part of the team uniform, numbers or offensive illustrations are not permitted on any attire or equipment.

A competitor may be prohibited from further play until they comply with the code. A competitor must comply without undue delay and may be subject to penalties for lateness or pace of play. Failure to comply may result in disqualification. The PEIGA may disqualify a competitor who has a record of repeat dress code violations without giving them a chance to comply.

Women should refer to the Women’s Dress Code.

“Spikeless” Shoes

It is a condition of all PEIGA competitions (including practice rounds) that contestants must wear spikeless or “softspike” shoes; traditional steel or ceramic spikes may not be used. Contestants in non-compliance with the “spikeless” policy will not be permitted to start. In accordance with Rule 6-3, players must arrive on the tee ready to play and extra time will not be afforded for non-metal spike installation or changing shoes. Failure to comply with the “spikeless” policy at any time once play has commenced will result in immediate disqualification.

A player or caddie violating this dress code will not be permitted to start the competition. A violation of this dress code by either the player or caddie during the stipulated round must be rectified without undue delay or the player will not be allowed to continue play or the caddie will not be allowed to perform the acts of a caddie.

Caddies must wear flat, rubber-soled shoes (running, tennis, basketball shoes). Spiked or spikeless golf shoes of any kind must not be worn.

The following Dress Code is effective as of January 1, 2010. This Dress Code governs all PEIGA Women’s’ Tournaments and all Players representing the PEIGA Women’s Division. The philosophy of this Dress Code is to respect the game, maintain Golfs culture and traditions while providing performance clothing to today’s woman golfer that is comfortable, stylish and offers variety. This Dress Code Policy is part of the PEIGA Code of Conduct and is governed within that policy.
The Host Club Policy, if more restrictive, will apply.