Rules of Golf Webinar for PEI Golf Association Members

Thanks to Golf Newfoundland and Labrador, PEI Golf Association Members will once again be able to participate in a weekly webinar that will cover the “new” Rules of Golf.  The webinar will take participants through all the major changes rule by rule and it will also include practice questions that will help prepare for the Level 2 rules exam.

Here are the details:

1. The program runs one night per week (Thursday) for 13 weeks. Each session lasts 2-2.5 hours including a fifteen minute break. Intended start date is Thursday January 9/2020.
2. The program accommodates two types of participants. Active participants (a total of four) and auditors. Active participants are those intending to write the Level 2 Rules exam in April/2020. Auditors may be Level 2, 3 or 4 officials under the former scheme (2016) who want to re-certify under the 2019 code. For information: the former four levels have been reduced to three as of 2019. Level 2 is now designated “provincial” and level 3 is “national” certification. Auditors may also include prospective new officials who may wish to become certified at some point in the future.
3. Each week will include some slides and videos on the rules followed by some questions on the rules of golf. The latter begin in Week 3. These are Practice Problems of the type that appear on rules exams. Only Active Participants will be responding to these problems online. But answers will be provided for every attendee during the session.
4. If the slide presentation of any rule does not get finished during a session, participants are expected to review that rule on their own time.
5. Please contact Sean Joyce at with any questions or if you would like to register.
Equipment Needed to Participate:
1. The 2019 Official Guide to the Rules of Golf. There are two other publications you may wish to obtain. One is the smaller “Rules of Golf” and the other is the, even smaller, Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf. The Player’s Edition will not be used in the course. But the Rules of Golf is useful because it has an index that the Guidebook does not have. All are available at nominal cost from the PEI Golf Association.
2. Computer with internet access. Tablets or smartphones may also work. Computer is best.
3. Noise-cancelling computer headset with microphone. USB corded versions cost about $30. USB or Bluetooth wireless headsets start about $80. But, any “gaming” headset should work. Built-in computer microphones usually provide too much feedback to be useful.

For additional information on the Rules of Golf please visit Golf Canada’s website –