P.E.I Amateur Update!!




Because of the forecasted storm the schedule for the Island Coastal Amateur Golf Championship at the Summerside golf course has been revised . Saturday’s round has been cancelled . All players will now play 27 holes on Sunday. A new draw has been prepared with groups going off both the front nine and back nine starting at 8 am on Sunday.

Prince Edward Island Amateur Golf Championship
Summerside Golf Course
Sunday , July 6th , 2014

( Blue Tees ) #1 Tee
8:00 T. Gavin, M. O’Brien, S. Morton
8:10 C. MacKay, B. Ward, J. Landine
8:20 A. Gallant, R. Legault, A. Constable
8:30 B. McGregor, M. Clow, S. Gamester
8:40 N. Arsenault, J. Campbell, K. Fraser
8:50 W. O’Brien, D. Wheatley, K. MacPhee
9:00 M. McKenna, T. Burns, C. Martell
9:10 C. Peters, L. Reeves-Rollins, C. Koughan

( Red Tees ) #1 Tee
9:20 S. White, M. Castle,
9:30 B. Carr, D. Beck,
9:40 B. Perry, M. Millar, M. Murphy
9:50 M. P. Boute, G. Lund, M. Andrews
10:00 B. Millar, C. Forster, J. McLellan

( Blue Tees ) #10 Tee
8:00 T. Yorke, S. Musgrave, D. Shellington
8:10 T. Schurman, M. Somers, C. King
8:20 D. Martel, T. Perry, D. Cantelo
8:30 R. Arsenault, G. Mallia, D. Gallant

( White Tees) #10 Tee
8:40 R. Garrett, M. Bernard, D. Connoly
8:50 M. Koughan, E. Corrigan, A. Pickard
9:00 G. Moore, W. Crosby, G. Somers
9:10 C. Lenahan, M. Coady, G. Paton
9:20 P. Clark, K.Fraser, J.West
9:30 G. Puchniak, M. Affleck, N. Platt
9:40 F. Doyle, C. Goodwin, B. Murphy
9:50 K. Tompkins, D. Clarke, M. Sullivan
10:00 J. Richard, K. Watts, W. Meldrum