2019 Rules of Golf Webinar

2019 Rules of Golf Webinar

The new rules of golf are officially in play January 1st, 2019 and we want to give all golfers on the Island an opportunity to know about the changes or learn them for the first time.  Thanks to our friends at Golf Newfoundland & Labrador we are able to participate in a weekly webinar that will explain the changes.

Who is the Webinar For?

The Webinar is for all golfers interested in learning more about the rules and possibly becoming Level 2 certified.

What Do I Need to Participate?

You should read through the 2019 Rules of Golf before the webinar starts.  Copies of the 2019 Rules of Golf are available through the PEI Golf Association at no cost.

How Much Does it Cost to Participate in the Webinar?

There is not cost to participate in the webinar.

When are The Webinars?

The program runs one night per week (Mondays) for 13 weeks and each session will last approximately 2 hours.  The intended start date is January 7th 2019.

How Do I Sign Up?

Email Sean Joyce at peiga@peiga.ca to be added to the list and be provide you with more complete details on the program.  Arrangements will also be made for you to receive a copy of the 2019 Rules of Golf.

The 2019 Rules of Golf has been designed to speed up play on the course and have also been simplified compared to the previous set of rules.  After the webinar schedule is complete and the demand exists, The PEI Golf Association will make arrangements to host a Level 2 certification exam.  Level 2 officials are able to officiate at the provincial level and the PEI Golf Association is looking for certified officials for our provincial championships.

For complete details on the 2019 Rules of Golf click HERE.