All players must present their Golf Canada membership card and valid index at each qualifying tournament “

Men who are members in good standing of the Association are invited to compete for Men’s Amateur Player of the Year . Points awarded in the following designated tournaments are used to determine the 2017 Men’s Amateur Player of the Year .


Mill River Open

PEIGA Amateur**

Stanhope Open

Island Open

Harvest Moon

Points will be awarded to the top 12 PEIGA players in each tournament as follows:


Player of the Year Point Structure

In the event of a tie for any position in a qualifying tournament, points for the positions tied will be shared by all tying competitors. When applicable, points will be rounded to the tenths place. Playoff winners get first place points.

Players not participating in the PEIGA Amateur will be assigned 0 points.

In the event of a tie for the PEIGA Amateur Player of the Year or any place in the final ranking, the PEIGA Amateur results shall be used to break the tie.

Interim results will be forwarded to the provincial newspapers and updated on the PEIGA Web site. The final ranking will also be widely publicized, with the winner being honored as the PEIGA Amateur Player of the Year.

The PEIGA will not be responsible for the failure of competitors to secure entry into any or all events. It is the total responsibility of the individual competitors to ensure that their entry is reserved in sufficient time to enable them to compete in specific events.