Travel Policy

The purpose of this policy is to give direction to Board members, volunteers and players travelling on behalf of the Association. The policy sets out the basis for compensation as well as requirements for the reimbursement of expenses.

Board Members and Volunteers

Board members and volunteers attending meetings or working at PEIGA tournaments or events will be entitled to claim mileage to and from their home and the meeting or event. The rate of mileage compensation will be 50% of the current CRA posted allowance. Board members and volunteers may also claim meals by submitting reasonable receipts. Board members and volunteers will use the Association’s Expense Claim form.

Players (Atlantic Golf Championship)

The twenty players that qualify and attend the Atlantic Golf Championship will receive a Player Package that includes:

Players (National Golf Championships)

Players who win their respective division at the Atlantic Golf Championship and as a result receive an invitation to play in a National Golf Championship will receive the following travel support:

They will also receive a “Player Package” (shirt, pullover, hat and balls)

Divisions at Atlantic’s are the following:

Note – Players that qualify for both a National Championship and The Atlantic’s in the same calendar year will receive one (1) player package of clothing and balls.

Junior Players

Players that qualify for a Canadian Junior Championship through provincial qualifying (determined by the coach) will receive the following support based on the National Championship location.  This funding will only be available to our given quota spots from Golf Canada.

They will also receive a team package (shirt, pullover, hat and balls)

Junior golfers that qualify and attend the NextGen Atlantic Championship will receive $200 in support from the PEIGA

Note – If the performance criteria is not met the player will not receive any travel subsidy from the PEIGA