The Golf in Schools Program  has been developed to deliver Physical Education learning outcomes through the sport of golf. The initial element of the program is focused on assisting elementary school teachers (specialists and non-specialists) with and without a background in golf, to plan and deliver quality learning experiences using golf as the vehicle. Developed by the Physical Health and Education Association of Canada (PHE Canada) in partnership with Golf Canada and the Professional Golfers Association of Canada (PGA of Canada), the learning resource was designed to meet the learning outcomes of elementary schools curriculum across Canada.

The initial element of the program or base program consists of a Learning Resources and hard plastic golf equipment that is child-friendly, safe, and easy to store (comes with storage bag).

In addition to the base program, Provincial Golf Associations (PA’s) also play a key role in enhancing the program by offering a variety of program “activation’s” such as sending golf pros to the schools, conducting teacher orientations and organizing field trips to local golf facilities.

The Golf in Schools Program will:

Help students develop physical literacy skills that are necessary to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to lead healthy, active lives and enjoy success in all levels of sport participation.

Provide the necessary resources (equipment, curriculum and training) that enable Canadian teachers to integrate golf into their ongoing elementary teaching.

Introduce golf in a developmentally appropriate manner, consistent with national and provincial standards for Physical Education.

Present golf to Canada’s youth (elementary school children) as a lifelong recreation and physical fitness activity.

Introduce a structured golf skills curriculum in a safe and fun environment.

Develop student appreciation of the positive values and life skills associated with the game and to provide students with the opportunity to learn them.

Create links between the education communities and golf communities so that students have a greater understanding of where they can get greater access to regular youth golf programs on an ongoing basis.

Offer and provide equipment that is aligned with the learning outcomes required within provincial standards for physical education at little to no cost.